Linke Fligl
free range heritage breed chickens & eggs // millerton, ny


LINKE FLIGL לינקע-פֿליגל

{pronounced link-eh fleegul, meaning 'left wing' in Yiddish}

queer Jewish chicken farm & cultural organizing project

growing good space for culture & creativity to thrive.

Millerton, New York





a month-by-month lunar calendar for the Jewish soul

Linke Fligl Calendars follow the journey of the Linke Fligl flock from birth through their first year of life. Linke Fligl is more than a farm - it's also an expression of identity, a reclaiming of history, and a building of the world to come - and the calendar is too.  Woven through the journey of the flock are stories of resilience, resistance, interdependence, struggle and love. 

hand drawn by margot seigle

why start with nissan?: The 1st of Nissan marks “the head of months”, or the new year of the months. It is also the anniversary of the founding of the Jewish people upon escaping slavery in Egypt, celebrating a moment in time of our liberation as a people. The calendar starts on the 1st of Nissan as a way to honor our continued struggle and the struggle of all oppressed peoples towards liberation.  

a timely form of resistance & resilience: Each month is laid out vertically with the moon cycle, prioritizing the hebrew calendar but also including the secular christian calendar. Includes Jewish holidays, Omer counting, and space for setting monthly intentions (kavanah) and practices (keva).

deets & tachlis:  Calendars are $18 each. Order by March 30th to receive in time for Passover.  Purchase includes a calendar as well as a monthly song recording and blessing emailed to you each Rosh Chodesh.  If you are interested in bartering or would like to pay on a sliding scale ($10-$18), please email 

want to ship to Canada? email to arrange. 

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