Linke Fligl
free range heritage breed chickens & eggs // millerton, ny



LINKE FLIGL לינקע-פֿליגל

{pronounced link-eh fleegul, meaning 'left wing' in Yiddish}

queer Jewish chicken farm & cultural organizing project

growing good space for culture & creativity to thrive

Millerton, New York

Join us for land-based gatherings for Shabbat & Jewish holidays, community work days on the farm and opportunities to learn and study together. 

Our Judaism is old, new and queer. It is co-created, emergent, land-based, rooted in tradition and led by our values of a more just and beautiful world. We are of Ashkenazi descent and seek to create space for Jews of all lineages and traditions. 


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Nisan Work Day

This growing season, join Linke Fligl for a day on the land in prayer, song, farm work and learning for one or more of our monthly Rosh Chodesh community work days.

Our season begins in the Jewish month of Nisan, one of the four Jewish new years. Nisan marks the anniversary of the founding of the Jewish people, beginning Jewish resistance to Egyptian enslavement and celebrating a moment in time of our liberation as a people. At Linke Fligl, our season begins in Nisan as a way to honor our continued struggles and the struggles of all oppressed peoples towards liberation, and serendipitously because in this corner of the diaspora, the farm season begins in Nisan.

The Jewish calendar is lunar, guided and marked by the cycles of the moon. In Hebrew, rosh means "head" or "start," and chodesh means "moon" or "month." Rosh Chodesh is an ancient holiday marking the beginning of a new moon cycle, a new Jewish month, an opportunity to return to our origin story in the moon, the earth, and the struggle for justice and liberation in solidarity with all peoples.

We invite you to join us for Rosh Chodesh to celebrate the renewal of another cycle by tending seeds, soil and soul. Come in your favorite work clothes and muck boots, ready to get dirty.

All are welcome! Jewish or not Jewish, queer or not queer, young, old, & everywhere in between. There is currently no childcare provided, but we welcome families and young children. Please RSVP!

Nisan work day farm & garden activities:

- Replacing bedding in the chicken coop

- Prepping beds to transplant seedlings into

- Maple sugar boil! (ie. boiling maple sap down into syrup)


9:30-10am Shacharit* (celebratory morning prayer)

10-1pm Work session in the garden, land or chicken coop

1-2pm Potluck and farm fresh lunch

2-3:30pm Linke Fligl intro + learning

3:30pm Mincha (short afternoon prayer) & Closing

*or Hallel if our work day falls on rosh chodesh! Iyyar/May work day and Elul/September work day. (Hallel is a special service of morning praise songs, recited on festivals and rosh chodesh.)


Please let us know your physical access needs so we can accommodate you as best as we can.

Location: Linke Fligl is on a majestic 7 acre field on WILDSEED* land on occupied Schagticoke territory, tucked in a valley between two mountain ranges. Please note that this is an outdoor event. It may be cold and there may be rain. Bring sunscreen and bug protection, and anything you need to make yourself comfortable.

Physical: The road down to the main gathering space is bumpy and unpaved but drivable with most vehicles.  Once down the hill, the land is fairly flat. The kitchen structure provides shade. Our only indoor space is our converted bus. The bus is not temperature controlled, but is a warmer wind-protected space in cold months. We also have benches, chairs and a few tables for those who need it. Please let us know if you have needs around this set up.

Bathrooms: There is a compost toilet up a hill, and a second compost toilet by the tent platforms on flatter ground.

Scents: This will be a scent & chemical reduced space. You are welcome to bring bug spray and sunscreen as needed, and we ask that folks apply outside of the kitchen and main program areas.

Ticks: Ticks are prevalent here, as they are most everywhere in this region.  One precaution we take is to keep the grass short, as ticks love tall grass.  We suggest wearing closed toed shoes, high socks with pants tucked in, checking for ticks daily, and wearing repellent, which we will provide.

*WILDSEED is an emerging Black and Brown-led, feminine-centered, queer-loving, earth-based intentional community, organic farm, healing sanctuary, and political and creative home forming on 181 acres in Millerton, NY, 2 hours north of NYC.


Please RSVP so we know how many to cook for!
Email for questions or to inquire about rideshare and train pick ups.

Sliding scale suggested donation: $0-$36
10% of all Linke Fligl sales and program donations go to Schagticoke First Nations.