Linke Fligl
free range heritage breed chickens & eggs // millerton, ny



LINKE FLIGL לינקע-פֿליגל

{pronounced link-eh fleegul, meaning 'left wing' in Yiddish}

queer Jewish chicken farm & cultural organizing project

growing good space for culture & creativity to thrive

Millerton, New York

Join us for land-based gatherings for Shabbat & Jewish holidays, community work days on the farm and opportunities to learn and study together. 

Our Judaism is old, new and queer. It is co-created, emergent, land-based, rooted in tradition and led by our values of a more just and beautiful world. We are of Ashkenazi descent and seek to create space for Jews of all lineages and traditions. 



to Sep 30

Sukkot Magic 5779


Kavanah (intention): On Sukkot we sit sing pray eat sleep conjure eat make out learn discuss dream love - in shaky structures.  We also celebrate the harvest, give thanks for the gifts of the earth this season and pray for rain for the coming crop. It is a reminder that our true safety is not in buildings or institutions, but the interconnectedness of the community and elements that gather inside and our connection to earth and spirit.

Keva (structure): A queer, collaborative celebration of Sukkot in a magical valley under the sun moon and stars; a place where food has grown this year and bellies were fed; a space filled with song, prayer, ritual, resilience, ruach & hope; a living moment into our visions for the future.


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to May 22

Shavuot for Black Lives at Isabella Freedman

Get out of the city and come to Shavuot for Black Lives with Linke Fligl* at Isabella Freedman's Shavuot retreat in the Berkshire mountains!

The retreat features farm-to-table holiday feasts, vibrant pluralistic prayer options, hikes and farm tours, daily meditation and yoga, and the all-night Shavuot learning including the Movement for Black Lives platform study and bonfire song circle, followed by daybreak outdoor morning services on the lake.

Discounts and work trade options (limited basis) available for JFREJ members. Click here to pre-register!

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